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Aliner Industries Inc.
"In today's challenging & competitive business environment, it's all about getting down to the fundamentals in terms of focusing on what Aliner can constantly control and improve: productivity increases, technology innovations, effective customer communications, and increased applied ethics." James Wu, Aliner President, 3-17-2004

Aliner Industries, Inc. is best known amongst our global customer base for her keen responsiveness to market demands as well as manufacturing capabilities, both in mass production and quality designs. To understand Aliner and her low profile & dedicated corporate culture, one must briefly explore Aliner's founder and current president, Mr. James Wu, and how he has shaped Aliner greatly.

Mr. James Wu and his commitments for excellence have undoubtedly led Aliner Industries to where we stand today, one of a kind. Due to his strong mechanical engineering discipline, Wu's most important motto is do only what you do best, keep doing it, and do it right every time. As such, each working member inside Aliner is trained to utilize his/her potential so that one only performs what he or she does best. The end result is that at Aliner, we keep our business promises by delivering value added solutions with repeatable precision.

Following from focusing on each individual's daily task and professional responsibility, Mr. Wu also asks each Aliner member to take what we do seriously in a greater social context. "You need to understand that the tiniest imperfection in the tiniest component will bring the most powerful piece of equipment to its Knees!" One can always spot Mr. Wu walking around our offices passionately emphasizing his belief. This drives to constantly re-examine ourselves and push for more reliable solutions that built to last have not only enabled Aliner to successfully implement several key "continuous improvement" programs, but have also set the tone for most of its employees to innovate.

The competitive differentiation has won Aliner several prestigious recognitions in 2004 including 2000 Most Competitive Enterprise Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Company of Excellence Award from the Ministry of Finance both in Taiwan. Leading Aliner through his personal endeavors and beliefs, today's Aliner has institutionalized many of Mr. Wu's great values. If you too share similar visions as Aliner and would like us to become your one stop RF-connector and cable assembly manufacturer, we welcome you to contact us anytime.

-- As an elite RF connector specialist, Aliner will satisfy you. --

1994 Aliner Industries, Inc. founded
1995 Aliner is the first Taiwanese manufacturer that successfully developed MMCX connectors complying with military specification
1996 Aliner was ISO 9002 certified
1998 Aliner designed and developed patented MC card connectors for Lucent WaveLAN card.
1999 CNC Plant 2 in Taipei established
2000 Aliner was awarded the outstanding supplier status to Lucent ORiNOCO product line.
2001 Aliner designed and became the only FCC approved source to the unique FCC WaveLAN interface Antenna switch connectors
2002 Aliner was ISO 9001/2000 certified
2002 CNC Plant 3 & 4 in Taipei established
2003 CNC Plant 5 & 6 in Taipei established
2003 Aliner designed and developed patented ACX connectors for Proxim 802.16 AP and related products
2003 Aliner successfully designed and mass produced its SMP and FAKRA SMB series
2004 Aliner received Green Partner Certificate from SONY
2004 Aliner Japan established
2005 Aliner designed and developed the patented SSMCX connector series
Aliner's core values are also our core competence.

Aliner excels at listening to our customers and responds well. Our commitments and focuses on what generates values for our customers continue to improve our services and product offerings.
Human resource is Aliner's most important asset. From interacting with our customers,
connector designing, machine operating, quality controlling, after-sales servicing, etc., our highly selective and experienced personnel all work together to share their best with Aliner and her customers.
Experiences take time to build, and we have a long history of achieving what we promised. Our TUM (Total Upgrade Management) assures our workforce challenge and update their professional expertise while benefiting from relevant past experien
Aliner's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities provide both flexibility and volume. We are best known in the world for our "shortest lead time, largest output per cycle, and most flexible delivery schedule." These characteristics allow Aliner to become the preferred vendor for those who deliver competitive solutions to the market.


Teamwork and Discipline
We bring together the best ideas, people and resources from all operating functions. Each individual understands unity and practices mandated professionalism.
Continuous Learning and Giving Back
We drive innovation by continuously developing and sharing our knowledge, expertise and relationships horizontally, vertically, internally, and externally of our corporate entity.
Recognition and Respect
We commit to sustain a well- balanced working institution of mutual understanding, respect and appreciation of every individual ' s effort.
We commit to bring the first class quality, cost performance, and service to our customers who have given Aliner the precious opportunities to serve them.
Open and Honest Communication
We seek and welcome different voices, encourage employees to express their views and challenge outdated behaviors. Aliner appreciates open criticisms from our customers and thank them.
Organization Structure in Aliner:

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