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EMI Shielding

To resolve the EMI challenges along with increasing complexities of electronics nowadays, Aliner provides a variety of shielding solutions giving effective isolation of electromagnetic interference through design phase to fast prototyping and production. The in-house design and manufacturing capabilities are contributed by stamping machines, CNC lathing and reflow soldering/welding operation that allow Aliner to support customized designs with fast delivery schedule, high product performance, and good cost engineering result, while meeting required specification and material. Applications are varied including set top box, TV tuner, cable modem, cell phones and more.


  • Simulation of design for RF & EMI performances
  • Simulation of thermal conductivity
  • 30 year+ knowledge engineering for tooling development
  • 3GHz solution available for F connector with shielding
  • ANSI/SCTE 02 2006 compliant for F connector
  • IEC 61169-2 2007-02 compliant for PAL connector (Type -9.52)


  • Rapid prototyping & pre-production
  • In-house production for tooling, RF connector and shielding
  • Self-designed high frequency welding system
  • Automated co-planarity inspection system
  • Supportive customized designs
  • Flexible delivery & competitive cost
  • Sufficient manufacturing capacity

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